Full Circle Workshop & Facilitator Training

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Fun, Relaxing, Self Nurturing, The Full Circle workshop is good for everyone. Relevant Art therapy skills, for counsellors, psychologists, social workers and other practitioners for affect regulation and processing damaged emotions.

iDapt for Young People & iDapt Facilitator Training Workshop

Positive Psychology and Life Coaching

Easily transferable, this program is useful for anyone who works with young people.

iDapt for Workplaces

Leadership, Team Building and Cultural Change

Great skill & team building experience suitable for any group or team. Improve people skills, boundary setting, and develop self care and community building strategies.

Simple Techniques that Work with Trauma

Relationship Counseling and Family Therapy

Any trauma causes a loss of self, damages the personal boundary, and creates secondary reactions. Learn simple techniques to undo this damage and strengthen the sense of self.

Leadership Skills Training

Relationship Counseling and Family Therapy

Fun and challenging, this 8 session program teaches leadership, and community building skills. Experiential and active learning exercises and a discussion format facilitates learning outcomes.

Facilitation of Personal and Spiritual Growth Retreats

Relationship Counseling and Family Therapy

Coralie will design a workshop or retreat experience for you group to meet your needs